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Sheila Ki Jawani

May 1, 2011

Shruti just totally made my day…

You see, I’ve always had a conflicted relationship with my name.  On the one hand, I can’t imagine being called anything else.  I mean, it’s my NAME!  But I can’t say that I really like it, either.  It’s always felt a bit old-fashioned and clumsy, and as weird as this might sound, it’s always seemed like I’ll never be the sort of stylish, sophisticated woman that I wish I could be because that’s not the sort of name I have.  I know…totally wacky, right?!

Perhaps this is not entirely my fault.  Often, when the name Sheila is used in the media, it is for the ugly character, or the nerdy character, or the fat character, or the old character.  Never the super sexy character.  The example which always sticks in my mind is the lumbering transvestite prostitute named Sheila from the comedy show Kids In The Hall.  Harumph.

Well…clumsy and dowdy no more! According to Shruti, this song is a huge hit in India, and even her 4-year-old walks around singing it!


“Ain’t nobody got a body like Sheila, everybody wants a body like Sheila, drive you crazy cause my name is Sheila!”


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