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Knit camBridge

September 27, 2010

I have been hearing about this project for months.  The first time it registered on my radar was when I was in the coffee shop next to school and there was a basket by the couches full of yarn and needles and an invitation to knit a few rows while you chat and sip your coffee.  I was intrigued.

Well, while I was away this past month (first at the cottage and then for my sister’s wedding), it was finally installed.  Unfortunately, I was away for most of the time that it was up, and the installation was removed today, so I had to rush out this morning to snap a few pictures before it was gone forever!

Knit camBridge

Knit camBridge

Spearheaded by Sue Sturdy, 2010 Artist-In-Residence for the Cambridge Centre for the Arts, the project was conceived as a means of inspiring creativity and collaboration for seasoned knitters as well as encouraging a new generation of knitters among the city’s younger population.

The installation covers the Main Street Bridge, a bowstring arch bridge which was built in 1931 and connects the retail core of historic downtown Galt with the cultural core (3 churches within one block!) on the other side of the Grand River.  People contributed knitting from all over the world, and Sue and her team compiled it all and attached it to the bridge…using about 16,000 plastic zip ties!

After being removed from the bridge, the knitting will be professionally laundered and then many pieces, such as blankets and scarves, will be donated to local charities.  Some scarves will be auctioned off at the “Tie One On” party, to be held November 25, 2010 to benefit the Arts Guild at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts, the YWCA and the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank.

If you’re interested, you can learn lots more about the project here.

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