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Wedding Favours

September 24, 2010

I’ve just come home from my sister’s wedding last weekend, and we had a fabulous time.  There was a bit of inconvenient rain, but it in no way dampened our spirits.  Lots of good food and great company and life-long memories.

I wanted to share what Rachel and Sean decided to do for their wedding favours, since it looked so wonderful.  They decided to do homemade preserves for everyone, which was just so “them.”  After all, Rachel is a fabulous cook and works in an artisanal bakery, and Sean’s PhD thesis is related to the local food movement, fair trade and other food trends (sort of…he’d definitely explain things much better than I am!)  They also decided to forego the traditional floral centrepieces in favour of a stack of full jars at each table.

225 Jars.

Well, the entire family has been preserving all summer in order to have enough for each guest plus extras for decoration.  225 in total!!


The other thing we did in order to keep costs down, and also infuse things with a bit of colour, was buy a stack of vintage sheets in green (which was the main wedding colour) to use to cover the jars.  It turned out really well, and the tent looked beautiful.  And we had enough jars left over after the dust cleared for us to all take some home with us.  I’m really looking forward to trying Sean’s Sour Cherry Chutney, and the Pickled Garlic Cloves, to name a few.


And while I had a fabulous time, I have to admit that I’m glad that it’s over and life can go back to normal.  Weddings are so much work!

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