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Strawberry Jam

June 28, 2010

My fingers turned pink from the berries.

Summer is officially here.  This past weekend my brother and I kicked off the preserving season with a morning of strawberry picking and an afternoon of jam making.

$42 (ish...)

We started the day by heading to Herrle’s Country Farm Market, where we picked a TON of berries in about an hour.  The bushes were plentiful and the price was too good to ignore. We picked two buckets full for just under $42.

The strawberries are ready for the pot...

When we got back to my place, we quickly set to work hulling and slicing and munching.  They were so good!  There’s really nothing quite like local strawberries that you just picked that day, is there?!

Three Jams.

We had picked so many berries that we had enough for two batches of Strawberry Vanilla Jam (on the right) and one batch of Strawberry Rhubarb Butter (on the left) from Food In Jars (my fav canning blog by far!), and then I made a batch of freezer jam for good measure (centre), since the flavour is so different from cooked jams. And then I still had enough to freeze five bags of berries AND eat a huge bowl full! I love summer!

What is your favourite sign of the season ahead?


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