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Procrastinating With Cupcakes…

May 9, 2010

For me, cupcakes never made a comeback in the late 90s…because they never went out of style in the first place! I have always much preferred a cupcake to a slice of cake, partly because there is no dried-out edge, partly because you get to eat them with your hands, and partly because you can make each one into a little work of art.

Recently, I have been cooking and baking as a way to avoid the thesis that taunts me from my computer screen. Since my roommate and partner-in-crime Allison also loves to cook, we have been procrastinating together.  Last week we made some yummy vanilla cupcakes with coconut frosting.  At first we were just going to ice them with a spatula, but I have a professional pastry bag that I hadn’t tried out yet, so we decided to get creative.  It wasn’t long before we were adding the orange centres and generally getting a bit carried away, since these were just for our own consumption!

I Love Cupcakes!

They turned out really well, and were delicious too!

These more recent cupcakes were hot on the heals of what may be my favourite cupcake decorating project ever.  You see, a few weeks ago our third roommate Carlo moved home to Italy, and we wanted to do something special for him as a send-off.  Carlo has a serious sweet-tooth, and eats entire bags of cookies in a day, so we often call him the Cookie Monster.  The original plan was to bake enough chocolate chip cookies that we could stack them on a plate and put a candle in the centre, like a cake. But when Allison found this we knew we had the perfect solution.

Cookie Monster

We started with a yummy vanilla cake, and then frosted them with a cream cheese / buttercream icing. The little cakes were then dunked in coconut that we had coloured blue, and topped off with googly eyes and half a homemade Toll House chocolate chip cookie.  They looked adorable, and Carlo loved them. Mission accomplished!

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