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A Week With The Girls…

April 20, 2010

Stella and I have spent the last week in Kingston, house-sitting and dog-sitting while my sister and her fiancé were in Washington.  The girls had tons of fun playing with one another and napping with one another, and I just couldn’t resist sharing some of my favourite  pictures of the lot of them.

Sibling Rivalry.
Sibling Rivalry.
Sibling Rivalry.
Sibling Rivalry.

In our family we call space heaters with fans “ridgie tractor beams” because if you turn one on they want to lay in front of it…sometimes practically on top of it!  When Stella was a puppy, if she was driving me crazy I just had to turn it on and she’d lay down and go to sleep.  (I guess it’s kinda like TV with kids, so I suppose this makes me a bad mum?)  Since this past week was a bit chilly, sisters Stella and Abeo spent quite a bit of time jostling for position in front of the heater.  It was pretty funny to watch!

3 80lb Dogs, 1 Love Seat.

Because the house is rather small, the living room sofa is small – barely bigger than a love seat.  Thankfully Elsa is quite patient with the younger two, who love to get up and snuggle with her.

Stella is going to be quite lonely now that we’ve had to come back to our own house, without any other dogs to hang out with. :)

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